Why Should You Travel More?

As an Australian who is now based in London (for over 13 years now), one of the things I still love to do is Travel.  I find travelling to various destinations around the world is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life.  You learn so much, gain amazing insights and new skills.

A lot of people ask me whether I like to travel alone or with someone.  And I have to say I like both.  I love to travel with someone, come back and share the stories for many years over, but I also love the challenge of travelling alone or in “new” groups, you have to branch out more, take yourself out of your comfort zone and you meet the most amazing people.

Why Should You Travel More?

So what are some of the key reasons I recommend anyone take the opportunity to travel when they can:


Expand your Growth Internally

I guess in a way you kind of “grow up” as such, as you are travelling you have to open your mind, shed some of your previous “conceptions” of places, get out of your comfort zone and you can’t help but grow as a person.  As you experience new things, you build on your dreams, your inner strength and personality.  I remember the first time I stepped off the plane outside of Australia on my stopover in Hong Kong – it was scary, so many people, such a busy place – you become more aware of your surroundings and your of fears.

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Become More Independent

Depending on what sort of travelling you do, will depend on the level of independence you learn along the way.  For example when I travelled for 2 months in Africa, I started in a group and then jumped off at one end, hired a car and travelling South Africa on our own.  So I started with a bit of guidance and help, then branched out on our own.  So every step you take travelling, finding flights getting accommodation, dealing with different currencies (in those days there was more than there is now) you have to think on your feet a lot deal with different situations that come up and find solutions.  You also learn to go with the flow, sometimes just following your heart, where you want to spend a bit more time, what sites you want to see along the way and where your journey might start or end.


See and Experience Things You Wouldn’t Believe Possible

A picture just doesn’t ever really do “places” justice.  No matter how good the images are say of “Niagara Falls”, you can never replace the feeling that you get when you see it in real life – the width and breadth of the river, the sound of the water flowing, the feeling and power of the water.  It is new experiences like this that make travel so amazing.


Gain New Perspectives

I grew up in a very small country town on South Australia, so I had limited perspective on “real life”.  By travelling and challenging myself to visit new countries, you gain more of an understanding of the real world, what is going on in different ways of life and cultures.  You gain new perspectives on things that may even test your previous opinions and ideas that you have grown up with.  You in a way become less ignorant of different people, cultures and experiences around you.


Become Less Materialist

I’ve never been much for “material” possessions, I have always steered more towards the experiences I’ve had in my life and the people around me.  I guess that’s why I love travelling so much, to me this makes me “rich” learning and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and challenging myself to do new things (like white water rafting near Victoria Falls, driving a convertible across parts of Canada). I love creating new memories that’ll I’ll never forget.


If you love to travel like I do, I’d be interested in hearing some of the benefits you’ve gained along the way, how it has impacted your life and your business?


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