This is the most common question I get asked about blogging, does it really work?

And the simple answer is yes, if you use it effectively blogging can be very powerful.  I have used it to create a part time income and many others have used it to create full time incomes.



So firstly lets look at some simple business principles.  The key to a strong long term successful business is the Customer Lifetime Value – which is about building highly profitable businesses by increasing the value of your customers over their lifetime.

There are only three key ways to grow a business,

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer



What makes blogging unique in the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) process is that it does two things for our CLV.  It helps you to:

  • Sell to more people– A blog, as we will see later in this plan, will generate new leads through your Lead Magnets (more customers).
  • Sell more often– A blog is also an important part of the Repeat Buyer Process.  You will use blog content to bring buyers back to your website and social channels again and again.  By providing value, increasing engagement and educating your market you’ll increase the chances of your next offer being seen and purchased by your existing buyers. (repeat business)



The original “Boss” of social media marketing, a blog is a bit like an online journal – but more interesting and informative. You write regular posts and/or upload images or video; which are usually listed down a webpage in chronological order, timed and dated, with the most recent at the top. Posts tend to be short and relatively informal, and, as with almost all pages on the web, are accessible to anyone who should happen to find them. Some blogs are their own websites, others are part of a parent website.

It allows you to build and develop a real relationship with your key audience so that they get to know like and trust you and your business.


A blog is an awesome way to earn a part time income and start to build a solid foundation for your future business after leaving your corporate job (which you will soon!) So let’s look at some of the key benefits of blogging:

  • Create Authority in a specific field/niche (leadership – KLT Factor)
  • Enforcing Brand Messages
  • Lead Generation to grow your business
  • Training/Educating your market in areas of interest
  • Make sales
  • Share ideas – helps you hone your message and offering
  • Create a community/network and engage customers
  • Google loves live/changing content so it helps your website get noticed more
  • Building the Know, Like & Trust Factor and adding a human face to your business
  • Build your database/client list
  • Open new doors for opportunities and global networking
  • What type of content should I create?
  • What’s the framework?

But this is all great and lots of people blog effectively, they are engaging and natural writers, but they tend to miss the key element of monetising their blog.  So I’ve gathered knowledge from other highly successful bloggers and combined it with my internet marketing experience and create this GUIDE to obtain your copy either click on the image or the button below:

It will show you the 7 Steps to Getting 1000 Subscribers….


click here


I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the Guide and please do let me know what you are struggling with at the moment in blogging and I’ll try and help.



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