Most entrepreneurs when they first start out think that they are marketing to everyone and that’s how they lead with their marketing message.  They have a burning ambition to help everyone and even if their product/service can help everyone, this is a huge mistake.


Marie Forleo says most target market talk is rubbish. It’s often way too general like “small business owners” or “stay-at-home moms.”

It fails to drill down to one specific person and it rarely goes deep into the psychology of the customer.



Ideally you want to narrow down your audience and target your message so that it appeals directly to them and their hopes, dreams and desires.

A customer avatar is an individual with a name, a picture and specific demographic and other characteristics. An avatar is not a real specific person; it is a composite of characteristics of many real people.


So to clearly define your target market you need to get into their heads:

  • Key phrases or quotes (likes, interests, who they follow etc)
  • Experience, expertise
  • Emotions
  • Values
  • Technology
  • Social and cultural environments
  • Demographics – age, sex, marital status etc
  • Hair, eye colour, you name it – yes that’s right


So before you start your business, save a lot of time and money by confirming your ideal avatar.  This will help when creating any marketing message, blog post or content.  As you will always be speaking to your market with whatever value you create.


Ideally there are 2 key things to identify:

  • What are the Pains/problems of your market place?
  • What solutions might you provide them with?


Also take into account who you actually want to work with, who you have empathy for and want to help.

These are going to be the people that you build your tribe with, work with on a regular basis and become your tribe of raving fans.

So my challenge to you, is if you are either struggling in your business or looking to get started.  Take out a blank piece of paper and clearly define your target market, who are they, what are they like, how do they want to be served, what at their pains/problems an dhow can you help them.

In the mean time I’d love to hear about your thoughts around this, what were your struggles with defining your market?  Did you see things change when you got clarity?

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