How to Feel Credible When Just Getting Started?

One of the things I see a lot of women entrepreneurs struggling with, whether they are making that initial shift from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur, or whether they are looking to upscale their existing business, is fear of being worth it, being enough and feeling credible when they first get started.


I was at an all women’s event recently and they were working on blocks at the time and one of the most common themes that came up for women holding themselves back in either getting started in business or growing their business was self worth and feeling credible enough to step into their dream business.  I remember talking to one lady in the crowd during an exercise we were doing around blocks and facing the fear and she shared with me that she had been a highly successful marketing professional for 15 years, yet she was holding herself back starting her own consulting business around marketing.  From the outside I couldn’t believe it, I mean 15 years experience, what more did she need!  But it showed me that even the most successful or experienced people still have blocks and  you need to find ways of working through them.


So I wanted to share with you a recent technique I learnt from an interview I did with Kelly Lynn Adams on MyLifestyleShow.TV


Thank you to Kelly Lynn Adams for sharing this awesome technique, I recently did something similar, but this is such an easy process someone can go through today to get you thinking about what you have really accomplished, what amazing skills and expertise you really have.  When we get VISUAL about our achievements, it’s easier to believe, you can process it in a different way.

So if you are stuck in getting started in business, or want to scale your business, think about your achievements, what amazing value you’ve already provided to the world.

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