When you speak to everyone you speak to no-one!


If your message is wrong, you will end up attracting the wrong type of client, even the difficult clients!


You want to reach the masses not speak to the masses!


You need to speak to your ideal client to get them to “feel” that you are speaking to them personally, they are nodding along as they read your work


So the first and most important step is identifying who is your ideal customer avatar?

If you already have a client that you absolutely love working with, get on the phone and talk to them find out what they value the most, what is important to them, what made them sign up with you, what do they need the most etc..

If you don’t have any clients yet, think about who you want to work with and do some research in maybe forums, groups, look and ask the following types of questions:


  • What is your ideals client’s dreams, their wants and desires?
  • What is it they are looking for to have or be more of in their life?
  • What is your ideal client’s biggest problems?
  • What are their characteristics – age/sex/location and so on
  • What do they value most in their life – spirituality/health
  • Describe your avatar in a story


Once you are really clear on this, your marketing message then becomes very easy and everything you do in your business should speak to this audience.  Whether you are creating a Facebook status update, a new blog post, or your latest product/program, the language you use and content you deliver should all be focused on your ideal customer.

You will the naturally “attract” the clients that you want to work with and “repel” the clients that you don’t.

The next step to attracting you ideal clients is to then find out where they hang out!  Let’s look at that another time

So my request to you today, is if you are struggling for leads, or attracting the wrong type of clients, go back over and clearly define your ideal customer avatar, then look at your marketing messages and see if they match up.

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