How do you Get Your Creative Juices Flowing….

I don’t live in a glamorous house with an amazing big garden, or massive big rooms to work from, I live in LONDON, it’s a box, because it’s expensive to live so central, and one of the things I struggled with when I left work and started working from home full time, was getting creative in my “not so glamorous” surroundings…So what to do about it…(well soon enough I’ll find a beach to work from but in the mean time……)



I don’t know if I should be sharing this with you, but it’s quite funny, I changed my “blank” wall that I shoot videos in front of to alternating colours, patterns by using expensive wrapping paper blue tac’d up…Now my videos don’t look so boring….

But on a serious note, what do you need to do to get more creative? One of the things I highly recommend is switching off from technology, having a real day off or a good part of it without being connected.

In today’s world, we’re all hyper interconnected – which is a great thing for communicating and entertaining yourself. But it’s not always good for your creativity. All of that digital information can be a major distraction

Due to my boring surroundings, I’ve got into the habit now of finding interesting places to work from (a lot of pubs seem to be involved…..), where I just take my notebook, pens and write. I use this time to get really creative, to plan things out, to create new products, to strategize my next blogs and to write.

The other good time to get creative is to just go for a walk, switch off from everything and get out with nature, your surrounds.

Another option is to take a holiday or short mini break. I’ve found booking into a nice hotel for a couple of nights, gets me relaxed, focused and again into surroundings where I get more creative, I focus more on what I want to achieve. Great for shooting a video series or writing a new e-book.

So what do you do to get creative, I’d really love to hear what works for you!!

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