Following an awesome interview with Helena Holrick, founder of “Workshops That Work” I couldn’t resist creating this post to share her main concepts around how to turn your ideas into income.


I think the first thing I’d like to say is that one of the concepts I love about Helena is she shares my passion for working less and earning more, creating the time freedom in your business that you truly deserve.  So looking at ways you can take your knowledge online first so that you can do it once and get paid over and over again.


So if you are struggling to grow your business, not getting enough clients or continually trading your time for money, then get in touch with me, let’s have a discovery call and see how I can help.




To summarise the 3 KEY ELEMENTS to turning your ideas into income following Helena’s model shown above:


1.  Harness the power of your ideas – this is all about grabbing your ideas as they come up. Making sure that you write them down, get curious and observe things that bother you, problems that your customers face.  But the key is to get a record of the idea when it comes up.


Look at their potential, who might it serve, what problem could they solve.


Make space regularly to formulate ideas.


2.  Hone your ideas and use them correctly – This is like taking a raw piece of timber and starting to carve it, to sculpture it into a specific “thing”. So when it comes to all your ideas you’ve written down, it’s about looking at things like:


  • What market are the ideas for
  • What is the benefit
  • How could it help someone
  • Do I have enough knowledge about it
  • What sort of “materials” come out of the idea – so where can you take the idea (a course, a webinar/program etc.)

So go to a place where you create the best, and allow your ideas to expand.


3.  Harvest your ideas – package them so they make a difference (to your clients and your bank balance!) – This step is a bit like a farmer, you’ve planted the seeds, you’ve created an awesome crop but now you want to “reap” the goodness out of it. So looking at what products could come out at the end:


  • What are your client’s needs
  • What do you feel is value
  • What methodology would you deliver it in (video/course/book/program) and look at what you can build around it. g. might create a great online program but also could pull out a kindle e-book with the content as well.


This is all about the results you want to create for someone – e.g. from a farmers point of view he has all this wheat – now to turn it into bread, cereal, whole foods etc.


You are never short of income as you are never short of ideas.


Now Helena gives away a lot more detail and some other strategies around creating a “not now folder” and goes into this structure in more detail…


Yes there are 3 other elements to this model…….


So listen to the LIVE REPLAY – CLICK HERE…..










I’d love to hear about how you use this method to get more creative and hone your ideas.  Please comment below.  Or if you have your own method for getting creative then I’d also love to hear it as well.




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