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One of the biggest struggles most entrepreneurs have when starting their business is finding the next client, whilst trying to deliver their work and run their business all at the same time.

This can be solved using a Lead Magnet which works around the clock attracting your ideal clients.


So How Do You Attract Your Ideal Customer Using a Lead Magnet


You can do this creating what’s called a lead magnet, it’s something that you give away for free to your customer, in exchange for their email address, so that they can see that you are the expert, that you can help them and start to build the know like and trust factor.


But before you create a lead magnet there are a few simple things you need to think about first:


  1. Do you really understand who your ideal customer is?  It’s important that you have a strong understanding of your ideal market, what their pains and problems are, along with their desires.  This will make creating your lead magnet so much easier.  So if you haven’t done an exercise around this, it’s time to sit down and really define your ideal client.
  2. When creating your lead magnet you need to stay focused and solve one specific problem your client has – keep it simple, to the point and help them immediately get some sort of result. Make it high value, something they’d even consider paying for.
  3. You want to make the lead magnet easily digestible. People are busy, on the go and they want to consume information quickly and easily to get their problem solved.  This is about giving them a “taste” test of what you are all about, so they can decide if they want to order the main meal. Ideally no more than 1-2 pages
  4. Call to Action – Ideally your lead magnet will start your list building journey with your client, and it should be the first step in an overall process. Therefore it should lead them to the “next thing” in your customer journey, whether that’s reading your next email, getting additional training from you, or buying your first low end product.  Think about how you can continue to help your customer solve their next problem.

By keeping these four tips in mind while creating your Lead Magnet, you will be much more successful growing your email list and attracting quality clients not just about quantity.  This should be a pre-qualifying process of your customers so that you are getting the right people onto your list who are interested in the types of service you provide, this way you are more likely to turn them into buyers and raving fans.


So What Are the Top 7 Lead Magnets being used right now:


CHALLENGES – These are a great way to build your email list quickly, using something like Periscope or Facebook Live, or simply by sending out daily emails for a set period of time.  Most challenges work well between 5-10 days any longer and people lose interest and remember again it needs to be enough to solve a specific problem.


GUIDE/REPORT – These are normally one of the most common types of lead magnets.  In the format of an e-book – remember not to make them too lengthy and very specific.



Lead Magnet - Free Pop Up


CHECKLISTS/CHEAT SHEETS – These are great for giving your audience a list of steps they can immediately take to get their desired result. – Our friends over at Digital Marketer generated 28,507 leads in 45 days with a lead magnet that made life a little easier for their audience.


Lead Magnet Swipe File


LIVE WEBINARS – This is a fantastic way to position you as the expert, you can provide valuable training, get interaction with your audience and then also have the opportunity to make them an offer.  Have a workbook/worksheets to go along with the webinar are proving invaluable as well. – Neil Patel offering a free webinar:-

Lead Magnet Free Webinar


VIDEO TRAINING – These can be 3-5 videos that quickly display your expertise, provide some value/training to your audience and show them why they need your help and what it is that you do for them.  You can either host these in a template like something on Lead Pages – CLICK HERE – or via simple emails sent out daily once they sign up for the challenge.  They can also run in an evergreen system to attract leads 24/7.-  Lisa Sasevich’s quick 24/7 e-course optin

Lead Magnet Free Video E Course


TOOL-KIT/RESOURCE LIST – normally a group of resources/templates for people to get started with – see below

Lead Magnet Toolkit



QUIZZES/SURVEYS –  Have fun, get creative and design a quiz that puts people into specific categories when they’re done.  This helps you to segment your clients and find

Lead Magnet Quiz



So time to put your thinking caps on and start creating your next lead magnet.

In the next blog I’ll be sharing with you my top tools I use for creating professional looking lead magnets, to give an amazing first impression to your potential new clients. In the mean time check out my 7 Top Tools for Creating a Successful Online Biz.



Stay tuned. In the mean time I’d love to hear in the comments below, what challenges you have when creating lead magnets?

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