Tired of trading your time for money?

Want to earn money when you are not working?


This is my true passion, for all women entrepreneurs to learn ways to create success in their business, doing the work once and getting paid over and over again.


On my last interview I got to showcase Kat Loterzo an author, international speaker and kick-ass coach who took her initial coaching business from $10 a month to creating a location free business doing in excess of $100k a month.


I don’t do these interviews to sell you anything or so that the speakers can brag about their success, but they are purely about sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration so that you can have it all, time and financial freedom.


I loved what Kat shared, how she created real freedom to enjoy her family, to be a better mum and to travel the world more doing what she loves, sharing her message and helping many others along the way.

So what can you do to get started?

  1. Start thinking about the systems in your business, can you automate any of them to free up time?
  2. Look at how you attract customers, start to create a sales funnel so you can gain consistent leads so you are not chasing clients all the time.
  3. Start to package your knowledge and create online courses/webinars/programs so that you do the work once and get paid over and over again.
  4. Think about high ticket items, do you have a product funnel? Where people join you at one level, but have option to buy more or spend more with you?
  5. Can you create residual income in your business – maybe a membership site, or affiliate sales, some sort of repeat buy.


Kat’s philosophy is to find out what your target market needs, how you can solve their immediate problem and create a program/product around that.  Build your tribe, provide so much value that by the time you have something to sell they’ll jump at it.

And my favourite quote from the interview when dealing with fear, procrastination or worrying about putting something out there – “Suck it Up Princess You Either Want the Outcome Or You Don’t”.

So you have to get your knowledge out there, test it, trial it and continually improve on it.

But the key is to just get started, take action now.






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