It’s Kylie Menz here and I’m a successful internet marketer along with being the founder and host of “” Driving & Inspiring Your Freedom.

I am so pleased you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to check out my website.

The platform is designed to inspire successful women entrepreneurs who are trading their time for money, to make a change and show them step by step how to create their own Lifestyle business. I teach my followers through interviews with Key Industry Leaders, who have already done what they want to do, the specific steps they took, why they did it and how they have the success and freedom they do now. Which means you’ll know how to get started too to create the freedom lifestyle you truly deserve.

I’m known for being a part business strategist, part internet marketing queen and part Mrs. Motivator sharing my energy and enthusiasm along the way.

But I wasn’t always an entrepreneur…


My back story & why on earth I know a thing or two!!!051

Originating from Adelaide, Australia after a bad break up, it was time to travel the
world and do some “inner” learning.

Visiting places like Africa (2.5 months overland rocks), America (various fabulous stops), Singapore/Hong Kong, Europe (a quick 21 day whirlwind tour then back to some favourites
along the way), Toronto Canada to visit friends and see the falls, Ireland (to get a bit of
paddy in me) and can’t forget the glorious sites of England as well. I know I’ve forgotten a few but you get the gist…

I’ve seen and experienced many things that helped me grow and expand my mind.



My Corporate Down Fall….

Then it was back to London, into the corporate rat race, rising the ranks to a Sales Manager eventually running a Real Estate branch turning over in excess of £1 million in Sales before moving onto Senior Level Headhunting for a large construction recruitment firm.

……….Then to being a burnt out sales professional, nearly homeless and not sure where to go next. After getting heavily into debt paying for worthless courses, trying some property deals, learning to forex trade until I finally found network marketing online and haven’t looked back. Not only have I learnt the latest internet marketing skills, made new friends around the world and built an amazing passive income, I’m also now creating my own life and time freedom as well.


Thinking Bigger….

And now it’s onto helping others

I want help people to Dream Big and back it up with specific tools and “how to’s” to create measurable results.

I’m known to deliver the most Innovative and High quality mentoring to sales professionals who really want to make a change, or to help existing entrepreneurs leverage their time.

So many people trade their time for money and my aim it to help as many people as I can lower their hours whilst increasing their revenue.

Through my videos, products, programs and Live events(coming soon), you’ll learn practical know how’s from not only me, but rising stars and industry leaders on how to really create a Lifestyle Business.

To be successful in today’s market you have to know how to stand out from the crowd, really understand your gift and how you can create value to your market place. But MOST importantly you have to be “YOU”, your “WHOLE YOU”. That includes your personality, your product/service know-how (gift) but just as importantly you have to have fun and provide inspiration to others.

Now I 100% believe in being yourself and having fun, so don’t expect every show, video etc to be “perfect” and “polished” but they will definitely contain lots of wisdom, inspiration and steps to take.

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Enjoy the shows and I look forward to connecting with you in some way in the future.


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