Ever felt like you just can’t work today, don’t feel like it? Find yourself making excuses?


To gain true success in your business you have to learn to turn “one off” activities into daily habits.  You have to be able to get through your “must do” activities even when you don’t feel like it.


In this day and age we are continually interrupted whether via phones, computer, social media, other people, tv, gadgets and so on and statistics show that on average it takes you 20 minute to refocus every time you break your concentration.


So how can you stay on track, keep focused and get the “must do” activities done very day.


Well I’ve interviewed over 35 highly successful women entrepreneurs, I’ve coached many others and interacted with hundreds more and here are the 7 Core Activities they all have in common?

  1. Mindset is King – every day they do some sort of “mindset” work and that can vary between different people what works for them but starts with activities like – journaling (getting all your thoughts down on paper), daily affirmations (and reminders of bigger goals), reading or listening to something inspirational, meditation and setting daily intentions. Ideally this should be part of your morning routine along with exercise.
  2. Share their message – they have a very clear understanding of what their bigger vision and picture is and they share that with the world. This can obviously be in many formats – speaking/blogging/videos/content creations/social media and the list goes on.  But you must have a clear understanding of your bigger vision and who you want to work with and surround yourself with and then be visible in front of them.
  3. Prioritise – women especially are known for multi-tasking but in reality it doesn’t work. Highly successful women entrepreneurs have daily priorities that help them grow their business – they are results orientated (like list building, content creation, product creation, marketing) and they focus on these one at a time to get them done.  Some use timers to keep them on track task by task, some batch their work (eg. 10 videos shot in one day).  Understand your core daily activities that grow your business and prioritise them and turn off all other distractions until they are done.
  4. Sell Something – and no this certainly isn’t sleazy push selling techniques. This is about having something to offer to your market, about putting calls to actions on all the marketing that you do, encouraging people who want find out how they can work with you to take that next step.
  5. Delegate & Outsource where possible – Highly successful women in business have learned that they can’t do it all, they’ve battled that demon that used to sit on their shoulder saying if you want a good job done, do it yourself!!! They learn to really be clear on what they are great at, what they love doing and then they delegate and outsource the rest. They build successful teams and support groups around them.
  6. Get Shit Done – yep they learn to take action whether they feel like it or not, by taking action you work through overwhelm, procrastination, doubts and the fears. Always have your bigger vision in mind and then take small daily actions towards it.  Like eating an elephant one bite at a time.
  7. Find A Mentor – Every successful female entrepreneur I interviewed said their key turning points and significant growth in their businesses were all attributed to when they took on mentors for themselves. Everyone needs someone that will support them, stretch them and guide them in growth. Again you can’t do it alone, don’t be an island, and learn from someone that has already been where you want to go so that you get their faster and with less hassle.

Would love for you to share one key takeaway from this post that you are going to implement this week into your life and business?


Kylie Menz

Driving & Inspiring Your Freedom


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