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Now you might have aspirations for escaping your 9-5 job like I did, and be thinking about starting your own business using the skills you have gained over many years at work. This is an awesome idea, but remember you are then just creating a “job” for yourself with no sick leave, trading time for money and no-one to take your place when you can’t work.

Sounds negative, huh, but don’t panic, of course you should do this; working for yourself, being your own boss is wonderful in so many ways. But the thing to think about along the way, is how can you put systems in place to leverage your time and create income for you when you’re not even working.

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more about ways to do this in future bogs. But for now I really wanted to share with you…..

10 Best Things About Having a Lifestyle Biz


1. Choice – have the choice to work with whoever you want to work with, whenever you want to and for whatever amount you choose.

2. Money – income is uncapped and endless depending on your creativity, systems and the leverage you use to reach a wider audience.
3. Freedom – not only financially but more importantly time freedom – create your own working day (eg for me I hate mornings, so that’s my chill out time, reading etc and then I kick in around 1pm and love to work into the wee hours.
4. Creativity – no one to tell you how you should do things, you can be as creative and fun as you want to deliver your work and inspire others
5. Connection – working online you get to make friends/connections all around the world
6. Growth – you are always learning, expanding your circle of connections, getting around millionaires and stretching your minds all the time
7. Helping Others – providing a service to others, helping them gain success and freedom as well is more rewarding than when I did it myself
8. FUN – I love to have fun, we enjoy hangouts catching up, being out at restaurants, shopping, trips while everyone else is working!!!
9. Lifestyle – you really can create and design your own lifestyle, for me later this year there will be a beach village involved for a while
10. Community – I have been in really tough sales environments where it’s really competitive and the one thing I love about the online world, is everyone is so supportive, willing to share ideas and really just want everyone to be successful, especially if you have the right attitude.


These are the reasons I was inspired to work that extra hard in the beginning, to make the decision to change my life’s direction and to then have the ability to quit my full time job,

I’d love to hear some of your inspiring stories, what do you love about the “lifestyle” business you have created.  Please do comment and share below.

To Your Success



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